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First, although the work successfully and emphatically underscores the significance of the symbiosis of religion and politics in the governance of a society, the volume represents more a chronicle of the entire region's experience in this regard than a deep, comprehensive consideration of the phenomenon of religion and its place in sociopolitical transformation in the modern world.
Berrol gives special attention to the "failure" of native-born African Americans, which is attributed at various points to their unwillingness to take jobs; the liberalness of school reforms, which allowed students to substitute black history for more traditional courses; and the adherence to "black ethnocentrism." The theme of "symbiosis" leads the reader not toward new insights but back to old stereotypes.
One of the most prominent biogeographic patterns, the increase in the number of species from the poles to the tropics, is closely related to this symbiosis.
Rahat and Reich (1986) and Rahat and Sugiyama (1993) proposed that a specific relationship between the symbiont and the host may exist in the symbiosis between chlorococcum' and brown hydra, based on the results of their artificial transmission experiments using symbiotic algae.
Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services CEO, Colin MacKay, said, 'The approval of this process at Symbiosis by the FDA is testament to our technical experience, capabilities, and specialist understanding of viral vector filling in compliance with the highest of regulatory standards.
Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM), an India-based automaker, has commenced the second batch of Postgraduate Management in collaboration with Symbiosis International.
Symbiosis is a new work by Andonis Foniadakis, a choreographer much in demand internationally.
Pushing the dancers to their limits, Symbiosis is a stunning display of the Rambert dancers' skills and virtuosity.
Congratulating the graduating students, Seema Singh, director, Symbiosis Centre for Corporate Education, Pune, said, 'In today's competitive world, it has become mandatory to continuously upgrade one's skills in order to stay in tune with business environment.
Although symbiosis is recognized to be important for the success of today's reefs, it was less clear that that was the case with ancient corals.
Sterile manufacturing specialist Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services is a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) that specializes in the cGMP manufacture and sterile fill/finish of vials for clinical trials and commercial supply.