symbolic delivery

Symbolic Delivery

The constructive conveyance of the subject matter of a gift or sale, when it is either inaccessible or cumbersome, through the offering of some substitute article that indicates the donative intent of the donor or seller and is accepted as the representative of the original item.

For example, when one individual wishes to make a gift of a car to another individual, he or she might do so by handing over the keys and all documents indicating ownership thereof. In the law of real property, the transfer of a twig or clod of dirt from the grantor of land to the grantee was Livery of Seisin that constituted symbolic delivery of the right of legal possession or ownership of land pursuant to a freehold estate. Today the transfer of a deed from the seller to a buyer demonstrates the change in ownership of property.

symbolic delivery

a rule sometimes applicable from place to place and time to time whereby a thing to be delivered may in fact not be physically transferred itself, but rather by some other thing standing for it, such as a piece of turf for land, or keys for a building or a large vehicle.
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During the two days of work in the province of Hula, President Joo Loureno verified the status of the various reclaimed and reclaimed sections of the city of Lubango, as well as inaugurated the centrality of Quilemba, with the symbolic delivery of keys to two first 854 residents.
Symbolic delivery refers to the delivery of goods by delivery of a substitute article that clearly indicates the donor's intent.
reiterated that symbolic delivery of mere tokens was not enough; there must be transfer of the subject matter of the gift or of "something amounting to that" (citing the 1752 decision in Ward v.
''It is with pride that I acknowledge this significant, symbolic delivery, which once again confirms Quebec's judicious decision to act as Bombardier's partner in the development and the industrialization of C Series aircraft.
It was not created by deed, but by the symbolic delivery of a 17-inch silver and brass tipped forester's horn.
The statements were made on Tuesday 28 in the symbolic delivery of keys to the new homes.
It was alleged that a Wurlitzer 850 Jukebox was also gifted to her and was subject to the same symbolic delivery in that it was adorned by a ribbon when the Bankrupt formally gave it to her and she touched it to signify this change in ownership.
Director Victor Bautista explained that a symbolic delivery was made "of some aid that has already been made effective during the last months, within the framework of this pilot program, unique in the country in the sense of supporting ventures for local people, Colombians returned and Venezuelan migrants.
Symbolic delivery of assistance was given by the General Manager of the Greater Jakarta Distribution Unit (UID) of Greater Jakarta, Ikhsan Asaad, on the activity entitled "Clean Village Clean-Up" in Balekambang Sub-District, Kramat Jati District, Monday (1/4).
In this activity, they also made a symbolic delivery of a check for an amount of S/5 737 726 to the regional governor of Ucayali, Manuel Gambini Rupay, to guarantee the execution of this work.

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