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The actual order of the world in which the symbolical order is embedded is, as actual, inescapable.
The dictionary is of great symbolical importance, serving as a visible token of a critically endangered language.
Therefore, we would talk about the "historical truth" as a dynamic "verisimilitude" which is dependent on the dialogic relationship between the presences (here as evidences) and the system of symbolical and cultural references of the interpreter (BEVIR 2015, p.
PPP's Mochi Gate rhetoric a rose-tinted retreat from realityThe small, historic ground that hosted political luminaries and fostered anti-government movements in its heyday, was the symbolical site chosen for the PPP's February 5 rally intended to restore its tattered Punjab electoral fortunes and mock the wounded PML-N lion, licking its legal wounds, within its own den.
Depicting images having symbolical meaning on the national currencies is a global practice," he said pointing out that the designers of the National Bank must not be the only ones to decide on what images to show on the bill.
Resistance to the Vietnam War was followed by decades of protest against nuclear weapons, including his participation in the first "Plowshares" action, the symbolical disarming of nuclear warheads.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 25 October 2017: The sponsorship "Milan-Adidas", symbolical for almost two decades, has come to an end.
The Dragons were also interested in Halfpenny and have since been taken over by the WRU, so signing him for the Gwent region would be a symbolical move to kick-start its rejuvenation.
In his essay "Many Thousands Gone," Baldwin accuses his former mentor Wright of acquiescing to the vulgar materialism of Marxism, a claim punctuated by his description of Wright's protagonist Bigger Thomas as a "symbolical monster" (26).
Accordingly to the wishes of the child, he or she can provide symbolical services to the camp for the symbolical payment - the "smileys" that constitute the internal currency of the camp.
The narrative itself tends toward the agonistic--the folktale being, historically, a covert form of satire and symbolical revenge employed by slaves against their masters.
When the Government completed a year, BJP President Amit Shah had to even explain that people should not have taken symbolical promises literally.