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Thus, even in the sixties and seventies, Gilboa is still traumatized by images of mass graves covered by snow and scattered all over the vast soil of Europe, and by the image of his own hometown, to which he usually refers in an abstract, symbolical way.
Neither the iconoclastic efforts of Olympe de Gouges nor the valiant attempts of Mary Wollstonecraft made a substantial impact on the new symbolical standards and political norms.
Exodus is a symbolical story, the Law is a symbolical legislation, and Moses is a symbolical figure.
The design, harmonizing blues and greens accented with warm yellow and old rose, is adapted from 18th century crewelwork embroidery from India depicting the ancient symbolical Tree of Life.
One, a square coin, was stamped with a 'Ianus head with two faces', symbolical of the turncoat.
So many, in recent years, have been the symbolical and numerological readings of Bach's.
Bergson contrasts to this abstract, symbolical knowledge a kind of knowledge which he considers "absolute," which is immediate, direct, and non-symbolical.
All of them fortify the symbolical theology and speculation on the unknown God that Nicholas began in his programmatic work of 1440, On Learned Ignorance.
Fox better understands Niebuhr's symbolical world in which biblical stories should be taken seriously but not literally.
For fundamental theology, the problem is not so much the role of the church, but the question an Deus sit: what difference does it really make to organize life within the symbolical universe which reckons with a living God?
New modes of representation need to complement the traditional numerical and symbolical forms.
Later in history the tree was more profusely decorated with gaudy knickknacks, all of which were at first symbolical.