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'Hear me roar' is the slogan of House Lannister, symbolized by the golden lion.
Bishop of Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church attends a mass on Sunday to celebrate Palm Sunday, 1 April 2018 -- Egypttoday/Mahmoud elHosry CAIRO -- 1 April 2018: Egypt's Coptic-Christian community celebrates Palm Sunday, symbolized by the palm frond, which commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
Summary: The Minister of Investment, Ashraf Salman,underlines that these measures taken by Mehleb government symbolized by an increase in fuel prices go in the right direction to attract foreign investment to Egypt.
Women purchased colourful glass bangles, vermilion, henna, anklets and other ornaments which symbolized that they are married.
He said an Inuit woman told him that the Northern Lights symbolized "ancestors in the sky."
As you can see, there are certain concepts, ideas and values, such as longevity, fertility, marital happiness and good luck, that are symbolized by multiple symbols.
Even though I don't know the intentions that are symbolized by each little lick of firelight, I can pray for them just the same.
Nevertheless, according to Bill C-38, the social institution that has always symbolized our society's commitment to the future--our children--will be transformed into an institution that symbolizes our commitment to the present, the needs and desires of adults.
One aspect, symbolized by Apollo, is the tendency to desire escape from the finite real world and the human condition of embodiment.
"Two Americas" are symbolized by the Republican and Democratic halves, which don't seem to be able to get along.
(Here symbolized by the sea, flowers, mountains and our history--symbolized by Pyramids and skyscrapers).
That corruption is symbolized by Baptiste's increasing inability to curb his temper.