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But this masterpiece was also, as Edwin Heathcote notes, 'a virtual disaster for ecclesiastical design from the liturgical point of view; [leading] to a spate of idiotic "gestures", buildings symbolizing anything from praying hands to doves; buildings emanating from a single bland idea, justified in the name of the new modernism'.
In the middle of the room the project's title was displayed in the form of a neon sign splashed with fuchsia pink paint that had dripped to the floor, covering a variety of objects meant to symbolize the values that Ray needed: a ring, representing a pledge of faith; a T-shirt with his recent portrait, symbolizing the courage to look failure in the face; gym shoes, evoking the security of standing on his own two feet; an energy drink and some cosmetics, connected to body treatment and personal care.
The other is to explore the hierarchical relations among the four components of reasoning on geometric number patterns: understanding, generalizing, symbolizing, and checking, and to differentiate them between linear and quadratic geometric number patterns.
An eternal flame will rise from the center of the pool, symbolizing the home hearth as well as the fire of war.
Examples of this similarity would be the tiger and the peony: the former symbolizing bravery and strength; the latter symbolizing wealth.
The sphinx, symbolizing wisdom and silence, represents Human Intelligence.
The stylized 'T' of the word Timmins, takes the shape of a rock pick, symbolizing the early days of prospecting and the discovery of gold.
Under the main prayer area will be a "Museum of the Religions" consisting of three layers symbolizing the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
9,800 red flags symbolize women and girls who survived abduction for marriage against their will, 2,000 white flags - women and girls survivors of sexual violence, and 7,500 purple flags symbolizing women who reported about cases of domestic violence.
Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Feb.6 ( ANI ): Greeting the spring season and bidding farewell to the winter season, devout Hindus thronged Sun God temples to offer prayers, symbolizing the ancient belief of going into light from darkness in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
The blue color stands for the limitless opportunities of the sky and sea while the white stands for sea foam and clouds, symbolizing progress.