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n], g)(n> 2) is said to be a weakly symmetric if its curvature tensor R of type (0, 4) satisfies the condition
For fourth-order fully symmetric tensors, De Lathauwer in [9] proposed the fourth-order-only blind identification (FOOBI) algorithm.
Here we consider a quarter symmetric non metric connection [nabla] on LP-Sasakian manifolds
Symmetric Computing provides large shared memory/high cluster count High Performance Computing (HPC) at an affordable, department level price.
Chandra: Second order symmetric and self dual programs, Opsearch, 23(1986), 89-95.
q] with first k diagonal entries equal to zero Sym(n) set of n x n symmetric 3, 4 invertible matrices over [F.
In this paper we propose a (2,3)-Pade approximation for the computation of the root of the secular function of a real symmetric positive definite Toeplitz matrix.
2] = I, and P [not equal to] [+ or -] I, then a matrix A is called a symmetric P-symmetric matrix if A = [A.
Bagewadi, On totally real submanifolds of a Kahlerian manifold admitting Semi symmetric metric F-connection, Indian.
In this paper we propose new modification of Newton's method for the computation of the roots of the characteristic polynomial of a real symmetric positive definite Toeplitz matrix.
Keywords: symmetry of order two, bijections, symmetric ternary trees, symmetric combinatorial structures