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Let G be a linear noncompact semisimple Lie group and G/H an irreducible symmetric space.
The perfect scenario is to achieve the performance of symmetric key algorithms with the security level of asymmetric ones.
As a result, we obtain the following expressions for complex voltage vectors in symmetric coordinates:
In order to find the space-time along with their respective homothety groups, one needs to solve (4) for the spherically symmetric space-time (5); for details and background, we refer the reader to [27].
In this section we discuss all the possible conformal Minkowski plane symmetric static spacetimes
It is known that every Ricci symmetric manifold is Ricci semisymmetric but not conversely [24].
Results of the present study showed that 60.5% (107 casts) had symmetric molar relationship and 39.5% (70 casts) had asymmetric molar relationship.
They are given necessary and sufficient conditions (using generalized inverses) for the existence of symmetric ([7-10]), symmetric with prescribed rank [11], Hermitian and skew-Hermitian ([12,13]), reflexive and antireflexive [14], and general solutions which are described in terms of original elements or operators.
(i) The Banach space X is weakly symmetric with respect to H.
Intuitively, when interacting with electromagnetic waves, the induced electromagnetic fields for inner and outmost metallic fishnet structures are expected to be symmetric and asymmetric, respectively.