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Owing to her education or her nature books are to her a nuisance, and she opens them with aversion, yet her teacher must instil into her mind the contents of these books; that mind resists the admission of grave information, it recoils, it grows restive, sullen tempers are shown, disfiguring frowns spoil the symmetry of the face, sometimes coarse gestures banish grace from the deportment, while muttered expressions, redolent of native and ineradicable vulgarity, desecrate the sweetness of the voice.
The chest was deep, it is true, cavernously deep; but there were no full-swelling muscles, no wide-spreading shoulders, no clean-limbed straightness, no generous symmetry of outline.
Is a lovely girl--whose face possesses the crowning charm of expression, whose slightest movement reveals the supple symmetry of her figure--less lovely because she is blessed with a good appetite, and is not ashamed to acknowledge it?
Promising nothing when she was a child, it had now sprung into womanly fullness, symmetry, and grace.
Her voice is like the ripple of a woodland brook and her slender form is matchless in its symmetry. (DAN: "That's Valeria's way of putting it, but Uncle Roger says she don't show her feed much." FELICITY: "Dan!
Both are massive enough in all conscience; but there is a certain mathematical symmetry in the Sperm Whale's which the Right Whale's sadly lacks.
names Symmetry Financial to list of fastest growing companies for 4th year in a row
29 April 2019 - San Diego, US-based healthcare staffing and workforce solutions company Aya Healthcare has acquired New Jersey, US-based workforce solutions provider Symmetry Healthcare Solutions, the managed services division of Symmetry Healthcare Strategies, the company said.
Jacksonville, FL, March 28, 2019 --( Industry leader and LOS provider, MortgageFlex Systems, implemented its advanced LOS, MortgageFlexONE at Symmetry Lending.
Spanning 94 acres, Symmetry Park near Darlington is one of the UK's largest developments of its kind and billionaire business Amazon is expected to take space there within a few months.
Symmetry is a phenomenon that appears in many different contexts.
Creating harmony without symmetry was the driving force behind Iro Kaskani's latest jewellery exhibition titled "symmetry is missing".