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CHARMING The detached home in Backworth has been sympathetically restored to its former glory.
Somehow, though, I don't think a male judge would treat it quite as sympathetically.
Among other reasons for giving up the assignment, he wrote, "I did not think I could write sympathetically about him because of what I saw as his antisemitism and racism.
Some of these writings were cruel, indeed anti-Semitic, while others portrayed the old religion more sympathetically.
Mendips is being sympathetically refurbished before becoming the latest Beatle attraction in Liverpool.
The company, which runs hundreds of bed and breakfast style hotels, has promised to develop the building sympathetically but said the building's famous name would be replaced by a Travelodge title.
In our very secular society it is helpful to have a Christian publication to keep us abreast of the many things that are going on in Canada, many of which are not covered sympathetically, accurately, or at all, in mainstream media.
Brian Wilson (the minister responsible) has also said he will deal sympathetically with claims from widows or dependents of deceased miners.
The Banking Code Standards Board, which works to ensure customers get a fair deal, said it was concerned people in financial difficulties were not being treated sympathetically.
The Sea Remains won the Grand Prix Catholique de Litterature, partly because the form and content reflected sympathetically on the Cardinal.
Townswomen befriend Convent women and listen sympathetically to the youngsters' pleas but continue to believe deeply in their God and in many of the traditional values Ruby was established to preserve.
She will be treated very sympathetically," she added.