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He said, "All our sympathies are with the bereaved families in this hour of distress.
The monster bases his request for species companionship on the necessity of sympathy: he states, "You must create a female for me, with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being" (98), and "My evil passions will have fled, for I shall meet with sympathy" (99).
Of him it can finally be written, "his deeper sympathies were aroused, his human instincts quickened.
There was also a slight dip in sympathies toward the Palestinians (15% in 2006 compared with 18% in 2004-2005).
Our thoughts and sympathies are with him and his family.
I am sure that the sympathies of everybody will go to his wife and family and to his work colleagues.
Our sympathies reveal what we privilege in reading Joyce, and Vesala-Varttala leaves it to us to consider the implications of our approaches.