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The security database in Kuwait has details about Daesh sympathisers and extremists in Kuwait and the other GCC countries and has contributed to the arrest of several wanted elements.
Based on intelligence inputs from the IB and intelligence units of various states, a report has been shared with the Union home ministry on the ISIS sympathisers who are under surveillance.
But with the detainees still behind bars, the Sympathisers have issued a statement warning they will step up attacks, aiming at the `traitors' they accuse of cooperating with the US.
According to BBC, officials made the decision after years of talks on how to prevent the site from attracting Nazi sympathisers.
It was excruciating viewing, watching him go ever-redder in the face, yet determinedly dodging the repeated requests to apologise to those MPs he smeared as terrorist sympathisers.
Dossier The dossier mentions that the IS sympathisers are physically moving around to find recruits.
7 -- Justice Vikramajit Sen of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal, who is examining the validity of the Centre's ban on LTTE, dismissed the plea of LTTE sympathisers to hear their opinions against the ban on Wednesday, saying that they have no locus standi.
Even the Taliban sympathisers and apologists - whether present amongst the media, academia, government and other sections of civil society - are united on one point: the end may be justified but the means are not.
There are hundreds of known terrorist sympathisers who remain a threat to this country and yet they are allowed to continue their vile activities.
He said that an occupant in one of the duplexes, who had just returned, opened the door and met the raging fire, immediately raised an alarm which attracted neighbours and sympathisers.
We want to know if he had any direct interactions with his followers, many of whom are suspected to be IS sympathisers," police sources said.
TUNIS(TAP) - The Jellaz graveyard was overcrowded Saturday by partisans and sympathisers of the Popular Front along with ordinary citizens, for the commemoration ceremonies of the 40th day of the death of political activist Chokri Belaid.