sympathize with

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2 : to be in favor of something I sympathize with my friend's ambitions.
Many readers from across the ideological spectrum will sympathize with Molnar's concern that "commercialism has transformed American childhood and the institutions that serve children." More troubling is his suggestion that for-profit tutors, virtual schooling, and education-management organizations are destructive forces that are no different from efforts to expand school-based marketing.
that the story of Jack and Ennis is OK to watch and sympathize with because they're not really homosexual-that they're more like the heart of America than like 'gay people'--you're pushing them back into the closet whose narrow and suffocating confines Ang Lee and his collaborators have so beautifully and harrowingly exposed."
Teenagers will sympathize with a pubescent Potter who must (like Spiderman and other adolescent heroes) save the world while trying to get up the nerve to ask a really cute girl to the high school dance.
Israel is surrounded by Arab Muslim countries, which sympathize with Palestinians.
While I understand and sympathize with everyone's desire to control health care costs and reduce the price of drugs, I have serious reservations about any legislation that will tie the cost of obtaining prescription drugs to the FSS rates.
While one may sympathize with the Ayatollah's doubts about the effectiveness of such a presidency as a permanent organ, as a temporary measure it may well prevent the tyranny of one side or the other until a permanent constitution lays this threat to rest.
As a former Baptist minister now in fellowship in an Anglican church, I sympathize with both parties.
It was always hard to sympathize with Nixon when he griped, as he did in his memoirs, that in mid-1973 "a convulsion had seized Washington ...
As a contribution to the cityscape, it is scaleless, uninviting and completely out of sympathy with its surroundings (though admittedly they are difficult to sympathize with).
One could only sympathize with the next Kitri, Colon soloist Silvina Perillo, and not just because Herrera's was such a hard act to follow.