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On June 9, the Philippine military asked Facebook Philippines to deactivate 63 accounts suspected to be maintained by terrorists and their sympathizers. Lt.
An alleged ISIS sympathizer drove a flat-bed truck into a ( group of conscripts getting off a bus in Jerusalem Sunday afternoon.
She was regularly interacting with IS sympathizers on WhatsApp and Twitter and exchanging mails with people in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jammu & Kashmir and Karnataka, and countries such as the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and some in Europe.
A study by the Brookings Institution followed the percentage of Daesh sympathizers out of 11 countries and found that Saudi Arabia topped the list for most Daesh sympathizers on Twitter in 2014.
A man who identified himself as an Al-Qaeda sympathizer, who spoke to the Yemen Times on condition of anonymity, said, "The statement was directed at Al-Qaeda sympathizers, who were shocked by the attack [on civilians], in order to explain that Al-Qaeda does not target [civilians].
military official, speaking off the record to the Associated Press, dismissed the casualties with the comment that those killed and wounded (apparently including the children) were either enemy officials or "sympathizers." The official apparently declined to define what a sympathizer is.
The sympathizers of the polisario should respect the national sovereignty of Spain because nobody is above the law, Gustavo De Aristegui, spokesperson of the foreign committee at the Spanish congress of deputies (lower house), told Europa Press agency.
BEIRUT: An outlawed Iranian group says IraneIUs government has been taking advantage of the wave of arrests that followed widespread protests across the country to also crack down on their affiliates in Iran, its spokesman said on Friday.E[sz]eIuThere are more arrests of sympathizers of the PeopleeIUs Mujahedeen of Iran [PMOI] since the beginning of the uprising [in Iran],eIN the groupeIUs spokesman Shahriar Kia told The Daily Star newspaper in a telephone interview.E[sz]
Ben was Hannah's best friend before his family became Confederate sympathizers; now they are enemies, but in their desperation, they resolve to return to the land they left behind.
In A Thrilling Narrative, Haynes speaks of how he opposed the secession of Texas and became a hunted man for it, his terrible journey to reach Union troops in Louisiana, and the cruelty that he and other Union sympathizers suffered at the hands of the Confederates.
holiday." In his book, says the AP account, "Helms contends that [he was against the holiday because] King's advisers included communist sympathizers."