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He said that those sympathizing with the ailing humanity with hard-earned money are earning the blessings of Allah Almighty in this world and the world hereafter.
Heartland of Clarksburg released a statement through Manor Care's director of marketing communications sympathizing with the Meredith family.
Whatever the victim says the telemarketer will latch on to that, become their friend and make a lot of money by sympathizing with them.
While the reader is capable of empathizing and sympathizing with the characters, part of the emotional connection to the characters is lost due to an unclear plot structure.
Though sympathizing with the ills that motivate grassroots environmental justice advocates, he understands that constraints on time and resources, as well as the complex physical realities of our environment, make tradeoffs inevitable.
Naek and Jamali, while sympathizing with the victims of the tragedy, called upon the people to remain calm, steadfast and united.
An Internet magnet for complaints of outsider misery and harassment has emerged in the person of Jon Katz, media critic for Rolling Stone and the Slashdot Web site, whose recent online columns sympathizing with high school nonconformists have brought an outpouring of thousands of e-mail messages, what he calls a ``river of pain.