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During incision and drainage of this abscess, the orthopedicians could not identify any communication of the sinus tract with the pubic symphysis.
The public symphysis typically has more soft tissue coverage than the ASIS, falsely increasing posterior pelvic tilt (increasing SPT) and causing inadvertent error in acetabular anteversion.
Symphysis pubis steroid injection may be preferred in osteitis pubis patients due to its effects on both immediate symptom relief and improvement of bone erosions.
Caption: FIGURE 2: (a) Anteroposterior radiograph of the pelvis showing pubic symphysis diastasis.
Upon presentation to the sports chiropractor, the patient indicated a general feeling of tightness through the left lower abdominal region and left anterior/medial thigh, and a sharp pain just superior to the pubic symphysis slightly left of midline.
And both anterior superior iliac spines and ventral surface of the pubic symphysis were covered by the same plane.
Women often have pain and inflammation in the pubic symphysis, which may radiate into the lumbar and thigh areas, mainly in the medial regions.
Materials and Methods: We measured the distance from the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) to the pubic symphysis bilaterally on each cadaver as an anatomical landmark.
Two 5mm working ports were introduced under vision in midline at midway between umbilicus and pubic symphysis and just above pubic symphysis.
The suprapubic exit points are marked at two finger-widths lateral to the midline, just above the pubic symphysis.