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J.Chinburen, General Director of the National Cancer Center of Mongolia, thanked President Battulga for organizing the 10th symposium under his auspices and briefed him about the broadening scope of the symposium every year.
On the sidelines the international symposium, a Mongolian-Korean joint team successfully performed a living donor liver transplant, and it was the fifth time the National Cancer Center conducted such surgery.
Industrial adviser Lynley Mulrine, who will provide the industrial update, said the symposiums provided caregivers with an opportunity to develop new skills.
The Dunedin symposium, on March 19, will be the first in the city.
Nongovernmental representatives at the symposiums included Lonnie Gary and Vicki Mulak of the California Society of Enrolled Agents; Lynn Freer, president of Spidell Publications; and Leonard Williams.
Symposium participants pointed out that, with its close proximity to tax season, the amnesty period's timing is difficult.
The symposium drew 1,530 participants March 22-26 to Denver, Colo.
At the symposium, we watched transporters learning new Web-based IntelliTrans software that they will use back at their work places to order commercial rail cars and manage their shipments.
MTMC's annual Training Symposium draws large audiences because of its agenda.
The symposium will be held April 9-12, in Dallas, Texas.

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