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The theme will also bridge our new relationship with the General Service Administration as they join us for this symposium.
Symposium participants were enthusiastic about SDDC's symposium.
Joe Mackin, President of Technest Holdings said, "We are committed to remaining at the leading edge of technology and this symposium will give us the opportunity to learn and share ideas with our peers.
You also should recall that during our opening session at the symposium, Bill Cooper, Director of Transportation Engineering Agency, provided a live demonstration of our Intelligent Road Rail Information System, or IRRIS.
The symposiums are designed to complement Notary training classes conducted by the Nebraska Secretary of State's office throughout the month.
MTMC's annual Training Symposium draws large audiences because of its agenda.
Co-hosted by Sockeye Solutions, the 2003 ESCA Spring Symposium will be held April 8-9 at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, Calif.
Highlight of the symposium will be two panels, said Winslow.
According to Strausl, core team members participating in the group will gather at the symposium to discuss and coordinate their efforts.

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