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Therefore, a sparse number of studies have been cautiously conducted, evaluating the patients in symptomatological remission.
Within the field of PTSD research, empirical work has provided some support for the approach/avoidance binary in predicting symptomatological severity.
More specifically, it is a symptomatological study that "reframes Arab modernity (hadatha) as a somatic condition, which takes shape through accidents and events (ahdath) emerging in and between Europe and the Arab world, the literary text and political discourse" (3).
Furthermore, a statistically significant variation was noted in the reboxetine group with respect to improvement in the synoptic table and the "retarded" symptomatological cluster (Rampello et al.
Symptomatological and cognitive predictors of insight in chronic schizophrenia.
Influence of plant age on infection and symptomatological studies on Urdbean leaf crinkle virus in urdbean (Vigna mungo).
As expected, considerable associations among several STAXI-2 subscales and all the symptomatological dimensions evaluated by the SCL-90-R (r > .
Due to the aggressiveness of the technique, the patients on hemodialysis present an important symptomatological burden (i.
This aspect turns up when I explore with them the emic representations of suffering, when I ask them their name (in their own native language); when they try to explain some symptomatological features such as moments of absent-mindedness, confusion, hearing 'your name being called'.
Pediatric Index; a Guide to Symptomatological Diagnosis and Current Management.
The determination of clear symptomatological parameters is essential for the confirmation of cyst mortality and a better analysis of the results.