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The authors and editors of this volume are to be congratulated for setting forth a paradigm for biblical study pledging allegiance neither to historical-critical research nor literary analysis alone, but instead seeking creative ways to integrate synchronic and diachronic approaches to Scripture.
The synchronic version of Money Pump demonstrates the dialectical dispensability of the threat of exploitation.
This raises the problem of causality analysis based on the principle of dissymmetrization by Curie [5] within the group-theoretical statistical methods which is alien to the synchronic approach [4].
Therefore, they employ a synchronic approach, based predominantly on inflectional endings, thus recognizing as-declension, a-declension, an-declension, and minor declensions (2011: 69-145).
Folds with E-W trend probably are the evidence that represent this event has caused synchronic with subduction of Neotethys Ocean and its thrusting.
Focusing upon Coover's conflation of novelistic and performance modes, Savvas foregrounds these as synchronic and diachronic representations of the past respectively; modes that Savvas claims do not merely correlate, in this work, to a crude objective/subjective split.
ABSTRACT: Recent work on argument structure has shown that there must be a synchronic relation between nouns and derived verbs that can be treated in structural terms.
In Bartoline's latest works, we find an oscillatory movement between synchronic fixity and diachronic narration.
The time synchronic real time image recording takes place with up to 32 Hz with 640 x 480 pixels.
1975, Synchronic Variability and Diachronic Change in Basic Color Terms.
generally eschews most other historical critical issues, "privileging a synchronic over a diachronic reading" throughout (996 n.
prior to the Austronesian expansion and that this can be detected in both the archaeology, the languages and the synchronic material culture.