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In general, synchronically, we seem to have simply different sets of inflectional paradigms attached directly to the root.
This prefix shows as an actual nasal consonant only before words synchronically starting in/w/ and /y/, e.
The essay is full of mumbo-jumbo theoretical flourishes, none better, or worse, than this sentence of summation: "the interpenetrative and fecund coupling of text with the reality that it both synchronically denotes and diachronically connotes succeeds in simultaneously exploiting and subverting some basic semiotic assumptions of post-modernist theory by circumnavigating the fluid parameters of its consensually adduced perceptual paradigms.
The focus falls on the text and reader, not on the original author, and on the dialogical connection synchronically and diachronically.
Both are citations: one from the Bernheimer report that retraces the history of efforts made by and on behalf of the American Comparative Literature Association to chart, both synchronically and diachronically, the field of Comparative Literature; the other from Toby Alice Volkman's 1999 white paper for the Ford Foundation, "Crossing Borders: Revitalizing Area Studies.
Indeed, Jackson, Leverenz, and Law have raised the bar in using the phrase "writing center studies" to present their case synchronically, and they appear to be asking the writing center community to keep it at that high level as we study, diachronically, the writing center community's increasing professionalization within the field of English studies.
The paper shows that "be like" and "go" are synchronically used as quotative items for mimetic performances in contrast to the older quotative devices such as "say" and "think.
The second part, 'Confident Uncertainties', deals more synchronically with the principal themes of the later work, notably historical trauma, sexuality and the status of the self, as they inflect, and are inflected by, what Crowley calls 'ethical extremity' (p.
The authors thus work diachronically and synchronically.
91-92, 142), it seems more accurate to depict Egypt's foreign policy as working synchronically with these "popular" ideologies, rather than the Egyptian state exploiting them for purposes of foreign policy.
The contested genealogy of sympathy set up in the opening chapters provides a compelling framework for both the multiplicity of Wordsworths in the poet's long career and the multiple perspectives he presents synchronically in his long narrative poems.
Moreover, anthropology also tends to treat cultures synchronically.