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These nouns may simply be lexicalized items rather than synchronically working paradigms, which is also supported by the fact that they account for very few nouns (from one to seven); that many of these patterns appear in their incomplete paradigms; and that there are so few examples of them in the data--thirty-nine in total.
As one coalition's composition is diachronically evolving, as well as synchronically crumbled, it is judicious to analyze the interactions between the coalitions' configurations, the perspectives of their members, and the way they present their diagnoses and their claims (Cefai/Trom 2001: 56).
Such a globular quality of the oral epic worldview is nicely captured by John Miles Foley: "Traditional elements reach out of the immediate instance in which they appear to the fecund totality of the entire tradition, defined synchronically and diachronically, and they bear meanings as wide and deep as the tradition they encoded.
encouraged droves of scholars to study the Bible synchronically, a
Conversation may be treated synchronically, but an historically conscious conversation, Ameriks specifies, "requires, at the least, a sense that there exist deep distinctions between very different eras, and that, even though these areas are not totally cut off from one another, they connect with one another in an essentially diachronic way that involves particular restrictive kinds of order and gaps in influence" (187).
Synchronically, we have identified fifteen different uses of deja and gift, of which eight are shared between the two particles.
000 rpm; the disc 4 rotates synchronically with the rotor.
He treats the two hundred years he covers synchronically without regard to change over time; flattens out the lives and experiences of native peoples; overlooks differences in topography, climate, social and political forms, and cultural practices, and generally treats the Americas as a single geographical entity.
Noting the shared fate of another CG effect, the "morph," Rehak pays careful attention to "how special and visual effects age--following trajectories across and among texts, moving along chains of quotation and mimicry, existing not just synchronically but diachronically.
Students are now more connected synchronically and asynchronically, providing them with instant access to information through experts, friends and families and offering interactivity with fellow students, friends and strangers in multi-user games.
329) for the same year, indicating that these businesses tend to develop similar patterns synchronically.
By broadening the theoretical perspective--diachronically to include the long history of peasant settlements and synchronically to locate the dictator's rule within the dynamics of the broader society--the author effectively dismisses the applicability of the Weberian concept of "sultanism," a favourite of many Trujillo researchers.