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During this phenophase, the rates of flushing fluctuated with low synchronism, except in October, when 100% of the population was sprouting.
This is explained by absence of a necessity to perform separation of the beam electrons into such quantity of groups, which will be able to move under the condition of phase synchronism with the excited AM.
For coherent detection of wideband signals, the sensing node has to attain time synchronism with the ongoing transmission.
4) Is there a synchronism between the development of the gonads and sexual ducts?
Lovinescu, promoter and defender of modernism, formulates the theory (principle) of synchronism.
One way to investigate the spatio-temporal synchronism of predator and prey is to calculate and compare indices of spatial randomness in a temporal sequence.
It should be noted that for digital systems, where BB and BM have independent clocks, synchronism differences between signals [S.
However, if its driving force is a lot less, then the grid will supply a synchronising torque dragging the generator back in to synchronism, using the grid's own power.
Storage Engine's Synchronism solution enables customers to cost effectively connect application servers to existing FC and iSCSI attached storage platforms across multiple networking protocols.
When the speeds of the clutch input and output reach synchronism, the pawls on one clutch element engage with ratchet teeth on the other to phase the teeth precisely for engagement.
The impact of such an event grows in strength together with the size of the affected region, its duration, intensity, and, also, the vulnerability of systems that is often connected to the synchronism and sequence of dry periods.