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Or as Hopcke explains, to label an event as synchronistic is "to see the coincidence as a potentially important indication of a psychological connection in its meaning .
33) Therefore, even when speaking of culturally relevant pedagogy or other culturally synchronistic approaches to schooling, (34) educators must recognize that culture is dynamic, and must adjust their teaching accordingly.
Lewis' journey of self-discovery as it is about the synchronistic events that allowed the couple to obtain the wealth of handwritten documents documenting Mr.
It advocates learning how to create such synchronistic events, how to use the mind and brain's powers to connect synchronicity with creativity, and how to change from living as a separate being to living in a connected universe.
In the experience of a synchronistic event, instead of feeling ourselves to be separated and isolated entities in a vast world we feel the connection to others and the universe at a deep and meaningful level.
Whether the re-branding exercise was indeed by design or merely synchronistic coincidence, it's a racing certainty that Hammerhead will be strutting his robotic stuff in the Premier League next season (more than likely at the expense of Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers, whose fortunes have taken a dramatic turn downwards since those days when purists used to complain about Allardyce winning without style).
In this context it is important to note the difference between the asynchronistic method of communication occurring during KHL email counselling, and real time synchronistic counselling accessible from some agencies using 'chat' modality online.
According to the late Synchronistic History, a still more remote predecessor of Assur-uballit, Puzur-Assur III (ca.
While working at the White House, she realized through a "profound synchronistic connection" that the three main pyramids at Giza were a projection of the three main stars in Orion's belt, a fact which she communicated to contacts at the United Nations.
The best and most efficient universities," its report said, "have focused on blending these two parts of academic work life that functions as a synchronistic whole, particularly within a research university.
These predictors suggest that certain individuals may find AA a more comfortable and synchronistic experience.
BBC Films, Artemis Films, Magnolia Mae Films and Synchronistic Pictures of a Lonely Dragon production.