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* Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) Market Revenue & Growth Rate by Each Region Specified (Historical & Forecast)
It defines strategies for assessment of synchrophasor estimations, time synchronization, use of time-stamps and format of messages traded over the system.
If as much had been done in the name of synchronization over the past decade as in the past year and a half, then today we would only be talking about the Astravets NPP and other energy threats from the East in the past tense.
The two-layer network (1) is said to achieve finite-time mixed interlayer synchronization (FMIS) with respect to ([q.sub.1], [q.sub.2], T, H) if there exists a controller [u.sub.i](t) (i = 1, 2, ..., N) for node i such that
In this section, we use the iUML-B pattern state machine to model four typical synchronization patterns in the embedded control system, namely, strong synchronization pattern, weak synchronization pattern, strong-weak synchronization pattern, and strong-strong synchronization pattern.
Then, the theta (4-8 Hz), alpha (8-13 Hz), beta (13-30 Hz), and gamma (30-45 Hz) signals were extracted with finite impulse response filters provided by EEGLAB [27,28] to ensure zerophase distortion for further phase synchronization analysis.
In the following two sections, we will present two distinct synchronization schemes of dimensions d = m and d = n, respectively.
Estrus synchronization Treatment: Each buffaloes received an intravaginal "Controlled internal drug release device" (CIDR(r), Pfizer New Zealand Ltd, Auckland) containing 1.38 gram progesterone.
Let [e.sub.i] (t) = [y.sub.i] t) - [x.sub.i] (t) (i = 1,2,..., n) be the synchronization errors.
The fixed-time complex modified function projective lag synchronization between the drive system (3) and the response system (4) is achieved if there exists a time moment T >0, which is independent of initial error states, e([t.sub.0]), such that [parallel]e(f) [parallel] = 0, [for all]t [greater than or equal to] [t.sub.0] + T.
From the simulations in Figure 3, we observe that the FPGA generates clocks and codes with perfect synchronization. This has been verified using lab measurements as presented in the later sections.
Definition 1 The drive dynamical networks (1) and response dynamical networks (2) is said to achieve hybrid generalized function projective delay synchronization if there exists a diagonal matrix P = diag([P.sub.1], [P.sub.2], ..., [P.sub.n]), P [member of] [R.sup.nxn] and Q is n x 1 order constant matrix such that