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Questioning how fireflies synchronize "does not come easily to us as human beings because we accept our own ability to dance or to march in unison as being second nature," argued John Buck in his classic 1976 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article.
The map synchronizes with Atlas LCC legal holds and collections software so that specific data sources can be identified as relevant to litigation.
By using the Mobile PhoneTools, besides synchronizing the contact information and calendars between the S20 and PCs, users can create and edit own screen background theme and wallpaper in PC and synchronize to their S20.
Earlier, this same group had shown that distinctive sets Of neurons in locust brains synchronize their signals as the insects encounter various scents.
1 for Windows Mobile adds a new dimension of mobile productivity to the lives of smartphone owners by allowing them to synchronize multiple Outlook folders on multiple PCs with their device and keep the folders' contents organized separately and easily identifiable on the handheld.

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