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Synchronous condensers play a vital role by generating lagging and leading reactive power, helping to stabilize the transmission grid.
To solve these problems, I had to find a screen recording software that would allow me to capture all the features used in the synchronous class meeting and produce the recording in a more accessible format.
According to the literature, most patients with synchronous cancers present symptoms characteristic of endometrial cancer.
Precisely, each model in Figure 2 enfolds five models: null model, stability model, two synchronous models of type 1 and 2 and two longitudinal models.
If your operations require installing a variable frequency drive, consider opting for a synchronous motor designed to function with a variable frequency drive and not the older asynchronous technology.
In synchronous correspondence instructors called attention to and found that there was a minute variation regarding adequately reinforcing learners in synchronous learning situations (Asterhan and Schwarz, 2010).
Unfortunately, once mentored through using the synchronous materials and implementing them during the online summer session, I found my results to be similar to previous semesters.
(14) As new technologies continue to be developed, the idea of synchronous communication and discussion has become a reality.
Taylor Jung, director of Global Product Line Management - Synchronous Drives said, 'Gates has been the synchronous belt market leader for decades.
In the synchronous or real-time modality, the patient and psychiatrist interact within the same temporal framework through live broadcasting systems, including telephone, chat and videoconferencing.
Synchronous primary malignant tumors are difficult to diagnose and plan for treatment.