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First, the study shows that Technology effectiveness is an important factor, the technology that is used for blended synchronous mode has to be good and easy to use for the participants.
Nevertheless, there is a higher percentage of social-emotional interactions in synchronous mode than in asynchronous mode.
Data replication, particularly in synchronous mode, requires in-order packet delivery, latency tolerances in the handful of millisecond range, data rates per communication link near one or two Gbps, and network path redundancy.
The economical H8/36014 series microcontrollers have a 2-channel serial communication interface (SCI) that operates at up to 625 kilobits per second (625kbps) in asynchronous mode, and up to 4 megabits per second (4Mbps) in synchronous mode.
0 technology include the implementation of error checking and correcting (ECC) codes to offer end-to-end protection for all aspects of data transfers and the application of source synchronous mode technology to reduce the time required for one data signal to go from one PCI device to another.
2 adds HTTP/HTTPS support, increased XML support and synchronous mode capabilities for mortgage lenders using the tool.
automatic chat extension while in synchronous mode.
Synchronous mode is recommended for AS/400 users with sufficient communications bandwidth.
The receive and transmit paths in source synchronous mode operate identically to the SMII interface, and is backward-compatible to SMII version 1.

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