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In terms of gender differences, significant differences were found in synchronous mode in both SE-oriented and task-oriented interaction.
Data replication, particularly in synchronous mode, requires in-order packet delivery, latency tolerances in the handful of millisecond range, data rates per communication link near one or two Gbps, and network path redundancy.
CopperGate's CopperStream(TM) products can carry 128 megabits per second of data over both coaxial cables and phonelines with guaranteed QoS and up to 90% user data throughput via a synchronous mode of operation that ensures delivery of data streams with predefined bandwidth, latency and jitter.
Unlike other home networking products which provide only prioritized Quality of Service (QoS), CopperGate's CG3010 Chipset features guaranteed QoS via a synchronous mode of operation to insure delivery of each data stream with predefined bandwidth, latency and jitter.
The bank's solution, started in mid 2001, mirrors data in synchronous mode (real-time) between two EMC Symmetrix storage arrays located in different data centers over a Gigabit Ethernet link.
The interface can operate in standard synchronous mode or source synchronous, double-data rate (DDR) mode for maximum performance.

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