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A language representing this lexicalization type has one marker that syncretizes the notions of Location and Source, and a separate marker to express Goal.
Many Africans also practice African religions, and some of these adherents syncretize their practices alongside Christianity or Islam (Chavis Butler, 1994; Mazrui, 1986).
Maori Christian faiths syncretize Christian tenets with precolonial Maori beliefs.
He is a baptized Catholic with a faith that syncretizes Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the Pachamama (Mother Nature) of the Bolivian people.
The sound track syncretizes thumping techno beats, classical piano, tamboura drones, crashing noises, and even the Nice's 1967 pounding protoprog-rocker "Flower King of Flies.
Shakespeare repeatedly syncretizes an array of biblical and pagan sources within The Tempest.
Further, Julian syncretizes Greek, Egyptian, and Persian myths so that Helios (an amalgam of Zeus, the Egyptian god Serapis, and the Persian god Mithras) and Attis (an amalgam of Mithras and Persephone) take on manifold significance.
For illumination on the survivals of African religion and ritual in the diaspora, see Robert Thompson's Flash of the Spirit, a study of Caribbean voodoo and how it syncretizes gods and rituals from various African cultures; Zora Neale Hurston's Tell My Horse (Berkeley: Turle Island, 1983) and The Sanctified Church, Louis Mars, The Crisis of Possession in Voodoo, (Berkeley: Reed, Cannon and Johnson, 1977), and Houston A.
Titles such as Phone Swap (Kunle Afolayan, 2012), Tango With Me (Mahmood Ali-Balogun, 2010), and Maami (Tunde Kelani, 2012) exemplify the contemporary Nollywood blockbuster, or the blockbuster that further syncretizes the Nollywood feature with a combination of affective spectacle, a reflection of socio-economic and socio-cultural conditions, and the technological tricks of a 'western' blockbuster film.