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These Marias were syncretized within Santeria and all three represent the mother of all mothers: Yemaya.
Black Virgin syncretized with Ezili Danto and addresses it spiritedly,
Thus all foreign influences were assimilated, and new tendencies syncretized such that Indian art seems to be unique (to its soil and ethnicity).
The Maya silently began to overlay Christian beliefs over their existing ones to blur belief systems and form a syncretized religion.
Are we doomed to see our faith co-opted by a syncretized amalgamation of folk theology and the Bible?
Diasporas are, after all, "heterogeneous and contested spaces" in which familiar categories such as nationality, family, and kinship are subverted and decentred by new identity formations that are "creolized, syncretized, and hybridized" (Hua 194, 197).
Eleggua is a god in the Santeria pantheon, in the syncretized religion that was born in West Africa and Cuba and then made its way to Brazil, the US and other countries.
As Todd Hartch relates in his article, Ivan Illich was convinced that American Christianity was so utterly and irredeemably syncretized as to disqualify its citizens from authentic missionary vocation.
These include religious beliefs that were syncretized into Christianity as well as medical knowledge and social structure.
In the most significant recent treatment of Southey's influential work, White argues that the Orientalism of this Arabic and Spencerian epic is best seen not through Said's Foucauldian lens but rather from a Gramscian perspective that can recognize syncretized solidarities between marginalized "Mohammedans" and Dissenting minorities within England.
The Virgin is syncretized with Oshun (also spelled Ochun), the goddess of womanly love, marriage, and rivers (including, perhaps, the Gulf Stream--that river in the sea).
Arguing that disability is both multiple and constituted through performance in the same ways as are race, ethnicity, class, and gender, Johnston valuably promotes a syncretized view of disability culture that takes root in processes of "intercultural dialogue.