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Thirteen percent of the languages in the sample syncretize all three spatial roles (pattern L=G=S).
Rather, be reworked Horatian themes; and, through a possible reading of Landino's and Lambin's glosses of 1.32 and Ficino's commentaries on Plato's Symposium and Phaedrus, he details the dynamics of an artistic creativity that syncretizes Neoplatonic epistemology with Pleiade prescriptions of poetic practice.
Shakespeare repeatedly syncretizes an array of biblical and pagan sources within The Tempest.
Further, Julian syncretizes Greek, Egyptian, and Persian myths so that Helios (an amalgam of Zeus, the Egyptian god Serapis, and the Persian god Mithras) and Attis (an amalgam of Mithras and Persephone) take on manifold significance.(5) An Homeric audience would scarcely recognize their Zeus in Julian's Helios.
See also Sekora's discussion of the genre of the slave narrative as a "mixed form" that syncretizes several literary traditions.