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As soon as Christianity became the religion of Gentiles, Jews adopted the same attitude toward it as to other phenomena in the syncretizing Gentile world.
All classical hymns address gods, but the composer or singer is by no means bound to believe in them, nor is the writer precluded from syncretizing them, obscuring them, or altering religious or philosophical doctrine associated with them.
39) In a direct assault on orthodox christological formulae, Troeltsch criticized the syncretizing of early Christian monotheism and the late-Platonic emanationist model of God.
In the process, calypso emerged as a topical song form, syncretizing elements from diverse and distinct predecessors - primarily, French creole folksongs, Venezuelan string band music, and rowdy responsorial calinda songs accompanying stick fights.
While the latter make use of traditional concepts and values in a positive, syncretizing way, the former adopt a harsh stance towards tradition and define themselves in strict opposition to it.
For Ardolino, Kyd justifies Hieronimo's acts of revenge primarily by syncretizing the classical concept of destiny and the Christian concept of divine providence.