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Results: Heavy placentae with abundant villous immaturity, chorangiosis and syncytial knots in group B and fibrinoid necrosis and calcification in group C were seen.
The present study showed marked decrease in placental weight, increase in placental infarcts, and syncytial knot hyperplasia at decreasing levels of maternal hemoglobin.
05, so that in study group Syncytial knot formation was 1.
Microscopic changes were increased syncytial knots count 90%, cytotrophoblastic proliferation 36%, hypovasculatiry 48%, infarctions 58%, clumping of Villi 4% thickening of blood vessels 2%, fibrinoid necrosis 30% inflammatory cells in villi 26% and perinillous fibrin deposition 20%.
Increased number of syncytial knots indicates a degenerative process as a response to local hypoxia.
Vasculosyncytial membrane in relation to syncytial knots complicates the placenta in preeclampsia: a histomorphometrical study.
Syncytial knots have transcriptionally inactive, condensed nuclei, without nucleoli, which can be either normal (granular, nonapoptotic) and due to tangential cutting (Figure 1, K), or smudgy (apoptotic) and due to nuclear aging (31) (Figure 1, H).
Furcate placenta has greater volume than normal villi, villous trophoblast and syncytial knots.
In case number of vilri showed syncytial knots in conditions like, (2) Maqueo et al, (3) et at, (4) Mathews et al, (5) Masodkar et al.