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Hysteroscopy can confirm the benign nature of ultrasound anomalies, scarring, synechia, and fibrotic tissue in most cases, he said.
But we found that packing makes the nasal mucosa raw and actually more susceptible to synechia formation.
Another example is unilateral glaucoma from previous trauma, perhaps from a long time ago, which resulted in secondary glaucoma from angle recession or peripheral anterior synechia.
Postoperative complications of turbinate resection include bleeding, crusting, synechia formation, frontal duct stenosis, anosmia, airflow changes, osteitis, cerebrospinal fluid leaks, atrophic rhinitis, and recurrence of hypertrophy.
Many strategies have been proposed to prevent lateralization, including turbinate resection, formation of controlled synechia (Bolgerization), and placement of dissolvable packing, a turbinate glove, or middle meatal spacers.