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Synergetic Investment Group (SIG) acts as operators, asset managers and equity syndicators for market rate multifamily and student housing properties throughout the US.
A synergetic neural network (SNN) is used to learn the visual features of a class of objects.
of Stuttgart, Germany) discuss active units, that is robots or molecules capable of forming spatio-temporal structures or collective action based on cooperation, thus becoming synergetic agents.
Country: USASector: Utilities, Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: UC Synergetic Inc Buyer: Pike Electric CorporationVendor: Falfurrias Capital PartnersDeal size in USD: 70mType: DivestmentStatus: Agreed
Mitsubishi has been selling Chrysler-made pick-up trucks under the name of Raider in the United States since 2005, but the Japanese automaker now views the alliance as generating only a small synergetic effect, the sources said.
Frutarom contends that Oxford, which was established in 1973 and employs 70 people, is highly synergetic with its global fine ingredients division, which has laboratories and production facilities in the U.
Raychan's activity is highly synergetic with Frutarom's activity in Israel and that of the Nesse company, which was acquired at the beginning of 2006.
Glassie of Synergetic Real Estate Group LLC, a Newport, Rhode Island-based hospitality company.
Celli, integrating winding and packaging into a synergetic operational concept.
Testo-Gain is a synergistic combination of phytoandrogens, androgenic adaptogens, and other herbs that promote optimal testosterone functions by maintaining the health of testosterone producing glands; Progesto-Mend is a combination of phytoprogesterones, progrestogenic adaptogens and other herbs that support optimal progesterone function by maintaining the health of progesterone producing glands; Estro-Mend is a synergetic blend of isoflavones, phytoestrogens and other herbs designed to support healthy estrogen function; and Testo-Quench is a synergistic blend of phytoantiandrogens and other herbs to support the healthy function of skin, hair, heart, breasts, vagina and other testosterone sensitive tissues in women, as well as the health of prostate tissue in men.
Fuller, cocky, self-assured designer-architect-engineer-poet-philosopher-anticipator, who promoted his synergetic view of the world with his technological developments and vision of global unity, is certainly brought down to earth with a bump in this absorbing book.
Suder, this book is divided into four themes and provides an in-depth examination of the following themes: the geopolitical and geo-economic environment, the trade and investment environment, business operation studies, and the implications of crisis in a synergetic world.