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Accordingly, the synergism can be described as an acid buffer mechanism, which is illustrated in Scheme 2.
The established rule of Synergism is, therefore, that no claim for damages, consequential or otherwise, may be maintained against an insurer for delays during the pendency of curative litigation, and not at all if that litigation is successful in curing the title defect, even if the litigation is appealed and then subsequently settled.
This work has justified the ethnobotanical uses of this plant due to its chemical constituents and also encourages the combination of drugs since synergism in this study produced higher inhibitory effect on the organisms tested.
The only reasonable explanation was this synergism theory.
Like minds sparked off by the synergism of common projects and in the case of Robin Cook and Gaynor Regan shared ideology and commitment.
The proposed inter-valley economic region will become a model for others to follow throughout the world, with independence tempered by the synergism of our interdependence.
Delrina's vision about technology synergism is based primarily on the notion of an intelligent forms processor, which can read and interpret handwritten or typed data according to pre-programmed rules and lookup tables.
It was also stated that we firmly believe the synergism between these programs and AFS programs would result in more effective service to the industry and membership with considerable economies of scale.
An example of a situation which exhibits synergism is the problem faced by consumers in choosing a computer hardware system; the larger is the number of individuals who purchase a particular system, the greater will be the subsequent availability of computer peripherals and software for that system.
Combining these two business areas is part of efforts to continue to improve our structure and to generate synergism and efficiency gains," says Peter Nilsson, President and CEO of Trelleborg.
Yemane called on fellow farmers to adhere to synergism as a strategy towards a breakthrough in agricultural ventures.