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Vanox synergistic antioxidant systems improve high-temperature stability of filled PP.
This is a truly synergistic combination because it is rarely possible to hit targets with only one or even two dyes.
Interestingly, the medical group started out with a synergistic design, but it did not evolve and struggle through the associated stages of development.
Synergistic Healthcare gives employers and unions a structured program of an effective HSA and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) to immediately achieve healthcare cost savings and future healthcare cost containment.
Phase II -- Seven Synergistic Modules developed to meet national algebra standards in a hands-on format through software focused on real-world topics such as gravity, nuclear energy, and sports statistics.
The Synergistic Systems solution allows Transfreight to access real-time information via the EMS PDT-100, Symbol MG+ and Symbol 1700 Palm.
In the second set of experiments amount of TEBA was reduced to compare its scorch safety properties with other combinations of synergistic accelerators.
CRx-170 is an oral synergistic combination drug candidate containing low doses of the steroid prednisolone and the anti-depressant nortriptyline.
Meanwhile, Willow Ridge Plastics has offered degradable masterbatches since the early 1990s, though its recent thrust has been toward synergistic combinations of additives promoting multiple degradation mechanisms.
Magnaplate suggested Nedox MR-3, a specialized synergistic coating with excellent mold release characteristics for plastics, urethane, epoxies and rubber.