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SYNOD. An ecclesiastical assembly.

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On the other hand, Francis at the beginning of last year's synod encouraged discussion and even told the bishops to speak boldly and feel free to disagree with him.
The following list demonstrates the results of those efforts to model for our rostered leaders and congregations what a Book of Faith Synod looks like.
A theological dialogue did not materialize, however, since the Remonstrants refused to accept being called before the synod to have their theological positions judged; they wanted to be seated as full fellow delegates.
In November 2004, when John Paul II, toward the end of his earthly life, announced his intention to convoke in Rome a second synod of bishops, Special Assembly for Africa (an intention confirmed in June 2005 by Benedict XVI), many committed African theologians and scholars were very skeptical.
Her then-titled synod youth director position was the catalyst for creating regional staff positions as they exist today.
In July, the Synod of England and Wales announced its intention to follow the Scots and remove the legal restrictions on the ordination of women as bishops.
She told the General Synod meeting in Church House, Westminster: 'The beginning of the Archbishop of York's new ministry at the end of this month marks an important new chapter in the life of the church and of the Anglican Communion.
The ELCIC vice-president, Susan Johnson, 44, who serves as LWF Council adviser, is Assistant to the Bishop of the Eastern Synod.
Writing of the synod's final published message, which Kaiser said "didn't have anything to say about the single most disputed point on the synod floor and in the synod's coffee bars--how the church can make its governance more democratic," he asked, "Am I just being a newsman when I insist that people (particularly bishops) don't debate unless there's something worth debating about?
This will be his last major ecumenical appearance prior to chairing the upcoming Assembly of his Synod at which his successor will be selected.
5 million donation to the disaster response programs of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.
In 2012, we ran one story as a curtain raiser to the synod on new evangelization.