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SYNOD. An ecclesiastical assembly.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This synodal approach has frustrated not only some conservative cardinals.
Du reste, certains elements, par exemple les acclamations et les <<Amen", se retrouvent aussi bien dans le cadre liturgique que dans le cadre synodal. Dans le cadre liturgique, le <<Amen>> represente, suivant les termes d'Augustin, la souscription de l'ensemble des fideles a Faction de celui qui preside (18).
The reforms were primarily undertaken at the Moscow Synodal School of Church Singing, whose director between 1889 and 1901 was the choirmaster and composer S.
Petersburg's Imperial Capella and the Moscow Synodal Choir are long past!
A number of contributions examine the role of ecclesiastical law in the local society and its culture through a detailed study of local synodal decrees.
After a "Select Bibliography," the records themselves follow REED procedure in their layout and editing and as usual are presented chronologically, the first account being a Latin synodal statute of 1245 to 1249 forbidding plays to be performed in churchyards (translations are supplied later in the volume), and the last (rather tangentially, perhaps) a consistory court deposition of 1636 or 1637 against a Mr.
The authors claim to have newly identified the 1490-1589 period of reform on the basis of their analysis of synodal statutes, suggesting that early sixteenth-century reformers have too often been seen as crypto-Protestants or lonely eccentrics.
At one time we entrusted a case for solution that you submitted against the clergy of the people of Rapina concerning the synodal tax to our venerable brother, bishop of Tudertino, and his colleagues.
Church and State in Late Imperial Russia: Critics of the Synodal System of Church Government (1861-1914).
What becomes clear from the synodal decrees is Cisneros's concern for the spiritual welfare of the faithful, which would in turn foster a spiritual renewal of the Church.
We dispense with the monarchy model and, returning to tradition, reclaim a local, synodal, participative approach.