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If you Google the word 'engage,' you will find many synonyms for it-in this column, I will use three that are relevant to me and important for associations to grow and prosper.
Class five: Provides all the documents that each one contains the synonyms of the two related biological terms only or one term and the synonym of other term.
The shortcoming of such synonym substitution methods is that they do not agree with the genre and the author style of the given text.
In this book, Reinhard Weipert presents the annotated edition of four unknown treatises collecting synonyms for the word dahiya, stemming from (as of yet) unique manuscripts.
Detailed information on surfactants is referenced by trade name, chemical component, chemical synonym, function/application, and supplier.
He stated that the word humankind, a synonym for mankind or human race should not be used as a synonym for man.
Like any book of quotations, one may have to use a synonym to find an appropriate quotation.
OFris, OHG scalc, scalh 'servant'), was originally linked to the conceptual microcategory SERVANT as it was used in the sense 'serving man', while in alliterative poetry it acquired the status of a synonym of man documented from OE down to the beginning of the 16th century (OE > 1508).
But the synonym list popped up blank for prostitute, and then for titillating, erotic, and a number of other sex-related terms.
Not even simple words like father can find an exact synonym: "Father is not a synonym for daddy, daddy is not a synonym for papa, and pere is not a synonym for padre.
A hyperlink, view entry, takes the user to an extensive definition of the synonym along with suggested antonyms, synonyms used as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and interjections.
With over 120,000 root words and 100,000 synonym sets WordWeb covers British and American English from the latest slang to technical terms.