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The Ides of March has become synonymous with the assassination of Julius Caesar and, as expected, has become trending topic of Twitter on March 15.
For conservatives, tax reform has recently been synonymous with a single-rate flat tax, which is neither fair nor simple, since most of the complexity of the tax code derives not from the number of rates but from the different definitions of income.
That name remains synonymous with birding, a pastime that has captured millions of modern people.
While Faith Ringgold's name has become synonymous with quilt making, the book Faith Ringgold, the third in The David C.
As synonymous with Wimbledon as strawberries and cream, rain delays on Centre Court will soon be a tradition consigned to the past as the All England Club announced Tuesday that it plans to build a retractable roof.
I take exception to the statement, "A decision to pursue a career in academia should be synonymous with a decision to pursue a doctorate.
Bolivian Congressman Evo Morales, the cocalero leader who came within 43,000 votes of winning the popular vote for president in 2002, warns that if a solution isn't found, there will be "permanent confrontation, and coca will become synonymous with militarization, synonymous with war.
Unfortunately, many people believe democracy and capitalism are synonymous, but they have little to do with one another.
The shift in production values from machine-printed to painted-by-hand coincided with a larger agenda in the art world in the early '90s to reinstate sincerity in place of irony (which had become synonymous with "cynicism").
Even though the African-American movement has basically become synonymous with civil rights, it's certainly an issue that transcends color.
And that's not only true with this judge, but also with many of the federal courts across our land who seem to think, erroneously, that the acknowledgement of God is synonymous with religion.
Xerox is synonymous with copying, but when it comes to copying patented software, that falls under infringement laws.