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In the NP segment, 4 positions demonstrated heterogeneity; 3 were synonymous and 1 induced amino acid change E421K.
Muscat: The Kerala Wing of the Indian Social Club, a name synonymous with the Malayalee community living in Muscat, is once again in the limelight with the announcement of its 11th edition of Keralotsavam 2013.
Before the Ides of March became synonymous with the assassination of Julius Caesar, Romans used Ides to mark the full moon, reports National Geographic.
Luxurious: The Peugeot Bellagio, synonymous with luxury.
British Davis Cup captain John Lloyd said: "Before Tim came along it was just a grassy slope where people ate picnics, but now it is synonymous with his name.
The company has been synonymous with this area since it was founded.
For conservatives, tax reform has recently been synonymous with a single-rate flat tax, which is neither fair nor simple, since most of the complexity of the tax code derives not from the number of rates but from the different definitions of income.
Patagonia is synonymous with wildlife and breathtaking landscape--what is less known as that it's also the stage for a drama played out between humanity and the region's wildlife--a drama which has already seen an indigenous phase followed by animal slaughter.
While Charles Darwin's name is synonymous with evolution, Larson points out that others helped conceive of, validate, and perpetuate the idea--against unremitting opposition.
For natives and visitors alike, Los Angeles freeways are synonymous with gridlock.
Bolivian Congressman Evo Morales, the cocalero leader who came within 43,000 votes of winning the popular vote for president in 2002, warns that if a solution isn't found, there will be "permanent confrontation, and coca will become synonymous with militarization, synonymous with war.
The shift in production values from machine-printed to painted-by-hand coincided with a larger agenda in the art world in the early '90s to reinstate sincerity in place of irony (which had become synonymous with "cynicism").