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It has been synonymous with dance music around the world for 25 years and was an integral part of Liverpool's rebirth, so there is huge fondness and affection for it.
Cooperative Agreement"; "Grantee" is synonymous with "Recipient"; and "Grant Officer" is
In the NP segment, 4 positions demonstrated heterogeneity; 3 were synonymous and 1 induced amino acid change E421K.
Muscat: The Kerala Wing of the Indian Social Club, a name synonymous with the Malayalee community living in Muscat, is once again in the limelight with the announcement of its 11th edition of Keralotsavam 2013.
Before the Ides of March became synonymous with the assassination of Julius Caesar, Romans used Ides to mark the full moon, reports National Geographic.
Luxurious: The Peugeot Bellagio, synonymous with luxury.
British Davis Cup captain John Lloyd said: "Before Tim came along it was just a grassy slope where people ate picnics, but now it is synonymous with his name.
The company has been synonymous with this area since it was founded.
Over the course of 55 years Schwab's name became synonymous with tires, and as his company expanded to 410 stores with $1.
But over the course of just a few months, "stay the course" became synonymous with rolling disaster, and everyone disowned the term.
The Hilton name is synonymous with fine service and luxury and it's only fitting that the organization would install top-of-the line security technology systems designed specifically to protect patrons and the property," says Mr.
Patagonia is synonymous with wildlife and breathtaking landscape--what is less known as that it's also the stage for a drama played out between humanity and the region's wildlife--a drama which has already seen an indigenous phase followed by animal slaughter.