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Again the results indicated that the Bank of Communications for both years, as well as China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China together with three smaller banks (Zhanjiang Commercial Bank, Shangrao City Commercial Bank and Xinxiang City Commercial Bank) for one year cannot be synonymously classified.
In the visitor industry, the words tourism and hospitality are used synonymously on a regular basis.
There is a clear difference between dreams and ambitions although they are often incorrectly used synonymously.
It's important to note that BYOD is often used synonymously with "consumerisation of IT" and even mobility.
7) Throughout this article, "Cairo," "capital" and "city" are used synonymously with "Greater Cairo Region.
For those who have eschewed formal religion, or those who have not, she offers a defining statement about how she perceives this term for something larger than us; "Spirit is used synonymously with God, Universe, Christ, Creator, The Great Mysterious, and All There Is.
In the earlier development of goal theory, the terms goals and objectives were not always clearly distinguished and, as mentioned earlier, they are still used synonymously, which often presents problems.
7) Often, WBT and Internet-based training are used synonymously.
The term lingatobhadra ("auspicious because of a linga/ lingas") is derived analogically from the term sarvatobhadra and used synonymously with lingasamudbhava, "(auspicious[ness]) arisen from a linga/from lingas".
Organizations have the luxury of immortality if run properly, but when known synonymously with a particular person, they can fall ill along with that person.
For the purposes of this guideline, mild TBI and concussion are used synonymously.