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A summary; a brief statement, less than the whole.

A synopsis is a condensation of something—for example, a synopsis of a trial record.


noun abridgment, abstract, brief, compend, compendium, condensation, conspectus, digest, epitome, minute, outline, recapitulation, review, summarium, summary, summation
See also: abridgment, abstract, brief, capsule, compendium, digest, pandect, paraphrase, prospectus, restatement, scenario, summary
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Synopsis: Set in the Year 2050, the film centers on Mithi, a newly orphaned boy who moves to a farm to live with his estranged grandfather.
Synopsis: A man wakes up in a prison cell and has no recollection of how he got there.
Synopsis: Carmen, a middle-aged cook, is about to close down her eatery at the foot of Mt.
In a logical succession of this synopsis, an extended chapter follows that is dedicated psychopharmacological treatment.
Synopsis: Adams returned after missing two games and Darren Carrington rejoined the team after sitting out a seven-game suspension.
Synopsis: The film follows the true rock'n'roll story of Arnel Pineda, a Filipino who was plucked from YouTube to become the highly successful frontman of Journey, a quintessential American band.
Synopsis: This course explains how to prepare for the sale and conduct an effective sales interaction with clients, and an overview of each step in the relationship selling process to guide sales interactions with clients.
In order to calculate the TF x IDF score of a path-term pair, we construct two additional synopses named TF Synopsis and IDF Synopsis.
She does not have the same potential as Synopsis and Turbo Linn, but has the vital qualification of owning solid Group 1 form, having finished third in the Oaks and Irish Oaks.
Synopsis Murders are committed based on the seven deadly sins.
Synopsis: An agent's introductory course into the advantages for an agent to own a captive insurance company, especially in a hard market.
Upon completion of the investigation, it is necessary for the examiner only to assemble the notes in order, prepare an index, list of exhibits and a synopsis (see below) in order to complete the paperwork.