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It covers battlefield operations and synopsizes from a Dutch point of view events before the outbreak of war.
Of particular interest is the review of sexual content during the early years of young adult fiction, complete with plot synopsizes and analysis, due to the effect those early books had on today's young adult literature landscape.
CustomerCount[R] has a formula that synopsizes this concept:
Students can register and access course synopsizes alongside related articles and videos free-of-charge.
Chivallon synopsizes the history of Rastafari in order to develop her argument about the Black Diaspora as an a-centered community, comprising "a set of non-hierarchical collective orientations, a plural culture devoid of centrality in its manner of signifying belonging" (p.
Each chapter synopsizes works that are grouped by theme, mostly novels, but many films and other works.
As background for his specifically literary examples, Kern synopsizes developments in Western thought beginning with Comte and drawing heavily from Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, as well as physicists like Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg.
This book is a testimony to the validity of this path; it synopsizes a remarkable historical body of evidence that provides (to an unbiased eye) important contributions to understanding human consciousness and its place in the physical world.
The chapter then synopsizes the remaining 10 chapters, which necessarily cover the general topics just discussed.
This issue of "The LSS Review" synopsizes the work-group recommendations and conference papers.