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One reason it's so popular, he opines, is that while people who see it want to talk about it, it's impossible to synopsize. "People take a deep breath and say, 'You just have to see the trailer,'" he says.
But to synopsize this case is to trivialize not only Watkins' book, but also the monumental work of Warren and his co-counsel, Barry Goldstein, making the day-to-day course of the litigation seem mundane and its eventual conclusion pre-ordained.
They synopsize stories that have inspired English and US tourist interest in European and US people and destinations, both real (home of the Bronte sisters, Baker Street, Deadwood, South Dakota) and constructed (Peter Pan and Harry Potter theme destinations, "Dracula's" castle).
In 1935, at the behest of his New York colleagues, Walter Benjamin set out to synopsize his famously unfinished epic, The Arcades Project.
Wilson's plays are particularly susceptible to the damage that can be done by spoiler reviews that synopsize every twist and turn of the plot except the denouement, since Wilson constructs his plays to rise to a few slam-bang coups de the atre, which lose much of their power if one knows they're coming.
He issued another edict: The dispatchers will keep a log, and the log will state that the dispatchers have praised the drivers four time on these dates and at the times listed and they will synopsize what they talked about.
The contents are grouped under eight main headings, such as "The Legacy of Symbolism," "The Individual and the Social," and "Ideas of the Postmodern," which synopsize what the editors take to be the state of the discipline.
What is provided here synopsizes two years' worth of work involving numerous challenges, contributing organizations, and proposed solutions.
In a chapter that synopsizes his excellent 2011 book American Nations, he explains how these competing philosophies were adopted and rejected on a regional basis.
It covers battlefield operations and synopsizes from a Dutch point of view events before the outbreak of war.
Of particular interest is the review of sexual content during the early years of young adult fiction, complete with plot synopsizes and analysis, due to the effect those early books had on today's young adult literature landscape.
Madrid synopsizes the history of grupero and Tovar's career, addressing musical characteristics and demonstrating how Tovar's immense popularity in Mexico and the southwestern United States in the latter third of the twentieth century reflects changing social norms as the media, entertainment industry, and middle and upper classes were forced to come to terms with the success and pride of a representative of Mexico's large yet marginalized working class.