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A summary; a brief statement, less than the whole.

A synopsis is a condensation of something—for example, a synopsis of a trial record.


noun abridgment, abstract, brief, compend, compendium, condensation, conspectus, digest, epitome, minute, outline, recapitulation, review, summarium, summary, summation
See also: abridgment, abstract, brief, capsule, compendium, digest, pandect, paraphrase, prospectus, restatement, scenario, summary
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In short, the new migration and development optimism, as synopsized in UNDP's report, fairly transparently reflects the worldview that Jamie Peck and Adam Tickell call "roll out neoliberalism.
Rawanchaikul's huge billboards have been seen on the walls of art institutions around the world, presenting artists and curators as if film stars in a Thai blockbuster (whose narrative is synopsized in comic books by the artist in the same style).
In the next few paragraphs, we have synopsized some of the major things you need to be cognizant of that we are working on right now.
Synopsized succinctly (and you lispers out there, don't try this at home): Pseudolus, sick of servitude, seeks to secure his freedom by setting up an assignation between his master's son, Hero, and Philia, the courtesan from the brothel next door, before she is sold to a general.
We distilled all four goals into a simple internal and external rallying cry -- "The Refractive Company," which synopsized our vision (ratified by the board) to be truly expert in one arena.
30 synopsized the report, which listed several egregious cases of negligence and poor care without naming specific facilities.
We were able to take a chart that synopsized the case, rather than the full investigation report, to the police in Houston [where the man lived].
He synopsized six trends that will increasingly impact on the distributor industry but reminded of the Christmas debacle where a number of Internet companies couldn't meet customer demand by Dec 25.
The meaning of all this activity in 1994 for ready-to-assemble furniture is synopsized by Kevin Sauder.
The studies synopsized in the report include research supported by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) on the development of such topics as case-mix adjusted payment systems, bundling of acute and post-acute expenditures, and hospital swing beds.