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With the southern African synoptic returning to a more normal range, the ITCZ, active over Zambia extends more towards Namibia bringing Congo air across the northern half of the country.
In John, Jesus' crucifixion occurs at noon on the Day of Preparation for Passover, not on Passover itself as in the synoptic gospels.
The result is that, although Matthew is the most Jewish of the synoptic gospels, it preserves best an egalitarian vision of the community, providing women with the same status as men.
In addition, there are many opportunities to reduce what is essentially a sentence to a much shorter ("synoptic," if you will) entry.
of British Columbia) argues for a new synoptic text, summarizing recent relevant research in the academic disciplines toward the subjective and social reconstruction of the public sphere that is the school classroom.
Hopefully, there will be no more hindrance after the synoptic station is set up," Villa said.
Like the Subic synoptic station (in Zambales), up to 268.3 millimeters have been recorded for five days.
He explores these scriveners, the artifacts they created, and the dynamic role of copyists in the transmission of the Greek manuscripts of the Synoptic Gospels.
(2,3) Prior to these customizations, 2.1% (32 of 1043) of cases with synoptic reports had addendums with additional clinical information requested by the clinicians.
According to the synoptic situation, seasonal low was lying over northeast Balochistan.
According to the synoptic situation, a shallow westerly wave is affecting upper and central parts of the country and likely to persist during the next 12 hours.
Attention has also been given to the influence of the prevailing synoptic conditions (in terms of synoptic patterns on weather charts) on the relationship between AOD and P[M.sub.10] [17, 18].