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Mohammed Al Mandil, founder and CEO of Synoptic said,
The spread has varied with the various synoptics, but the ability has persisted.
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of standardized synoptic pathology reporting on physician satisfaction regarding process (eg, timeliness and completeness) and practice (eg, clinical decision making).
Some alternate theories to the two-source hypothesis proposed to answer the synoptic problem include the Farter hypothesis and the two-gospel hypothesis.
In this study, records of all synoptic stations of Semnan province were used [9] (table 1).
The second stage was synoptic typing, which attempted to classify the large-scale atmospheric circulation (which consist of both monsoon and ENSO signals) into a few identifiable modes that can explicitly represent physical reality.
This fine monograph examines the psalm citations in the Synoptic Gospels "to provide a comprehensive picture of the extent to which each evangelist reads the Psalms as prophecy" (p.
Table 1: Synoptic stations of Semnan province Longitude Latitude Elevation No.
The shifting and growing population of England, along with the rapidly increasing pace of change in the nation's booming industrial cities, gave birth to "synoptic" and "ephemeral" modes of representation, with the synoptic being a transformation of the picturesque and the ephemeral a transformation of the sublime.
At mid-latitudes the development of severe convective systems is mostly associated with synoptic forcing and with convective potential instability.
THE JESUS LEGEND: A Case for the Historical Reliability of the Synoptic Jesus Tradition by Paul Rhodes Eddy and Gregory A.
We compared numbers of migrants among different synoptic conditions before and after passage of cold fronts based upon an existing weather classification system (Muller 1977).