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Olefin metathesis is a powerful synthetic reaction that forms carbon-carbon bonds between simple olefinic precursors.
Albini and Fagnoni show how photochemistry can produce intermediates in synthetic reactions that are not attainable by any known thermal reaction, and can generate intermediates that are also reached thermally but in mild conditions that make the reactions easier to control.
Readers are assumed to have knowledge of synthetic reactions and techniques; analytical methods such as TLC, NMR, UV spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry; and standard laboratory techniques such as solvent extraction and column chromatography.
Products, which are not blends, result from solid-state synthetic reactions that take place under calcination conditions; and include lemon yellows, blues, greens and black.
Further, it can conduct synthetic reactions at -30 degrees centigrade; conventionally -70 degrees centigrade was required.