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For example, the file system cache, applications that access a given file, and the network subsystem can all safely refer to a single physical copy of the data.
AMD's TriLevel Cache design, an advanced cache memory architecture debuting in the AMD-K6-III processor, significantly boosts overall PC performance by providing the industry's largest and fastest total system cache for Windows compatible desktop PCs.
0 includes support for RealNetworks G2 system cache components, which have been tightly integrated with Traffic Server to enable distributed caching of multimedia content.
Double-Take replicates operating system writes on their way to system cache, sending them to one or more backup servers -- either on or off site.
Customized for ClearCase, Pro/PDM and Pro/ENGINEER, MEDS enables snap shot viewing of processes, logs, VOB and vault storage, system cache, and license status.
NAME PRODUCT # RAM HARD OPERATING EXTERNAL ESTIMATED DRIVE SYSTEM CACHE STREET PRICE HP Vectra XM D3961A 8MB $1,255 Series 4 5/75 PC HP Vectra XM D3962A 8MB 840MB Windows for 1,470 Series 4 5/75 PC Workgroups 3.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 19, 1995--Hewlett-Packard Company today announced a new midrange workstation with expanded system cache and new low-end workstations that extend performance over existing midrange and low-end HP workstations.