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ACE/2 can hold eight IPs, duplicated storage control modules each with double Skyline I's system cache, and 64Gb memory in two banks or mirrored storage versus S/390's 2Gb.
To provide maximum response to large numbers of queries requested by larger sales organizations, the Summer'11 Release adds persistent cache technology that extends system cache to virtual memory stored on high-speed disk drives.
DDN SFX software-defined storage is a suite of storage acceleration tools that combine spinning and solid state disk storage media with application aware technology that enables storage systems to load the right data into system cache at the right time and intelligently accelerate block and file-based data access.
New technologies set standards in reliability and availabilityThe ETERNUS DX60 and DX80 protect the integrity of data on disk and in the system cache with Data Block Guard, a function that can detect and automatically correct data corruption.
Between memory and storage lies another level of data, the system cache.
By enabling RAM cache to reach up to 2TB in high-end storage environments, Storwize increases performance in existing storage systems, while boosting storage system cache effectiveness and storing more data in a smaller footprint, in an energy-efficient manner and allowing IT managers to do more with less.
Used for decades in military, industrial, medical, automotive, and computer markets, nvSRAM devices now also have migrated to RAID write journals, robotic axis tracking, and medical datalogging, and at 4, 8, and 16Mbit sizes, will also see more general applications as a total system cache memory.
Consisting of a pool of SSD flash-based drives that become an extension of the DRAM cache, SFX enables the storage system to load the right data into system cache at the right time.