system of belief

See: doctrine
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Summary: New Delhi [India] July 1 (ANI): Condemning the recent string of brutal lynching incidents emerging from across the nation, President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday called on the country to pause and reflect if they are being proactive enough to save India's basic system of belief.
Because you know that no name is exclusively God, you are free from having to surrender yourself to any one name or system of belief You are open to wisdom from whatever system of belief it may come, and yet free from having to believe in that system as a whole in order to benefit from its wisdom.
This dogmatic system of belief by desperate politicians to wind up people into hysteria to satisfy their political aims is dangerous and ill-advised.
His approach aims to discover the historical meanings of the texts and their function for individuals, rather than to reconstruct a system of belief.
Miko writes that many insults have been directed against his system of belief but he did not go out to burn mosques and attack the source of insults.
The stimulating dialog expose the reader to exciting, behind the scenes, drama and provide interesting insight into the conflict being experienced within the Catholic Church, their rigid adherence to traditions, their system of belief, and the power of the Pope.
Nighy said: "He was wonderful to work with, exemplary and I would have no idea what his system of belief was any more if he was a Jewish man or he had embraced Islam.
The space goes to them, and I am left to practice my ethical system of belief alone in my cell.
She was raised in a system of belief called Candomble, a combined system of Catholicism and African tradition.
These kind of dreadful crimes can only be perpetrated by abusers who have quite an unusual system of belief.
Perhaps some of your readers would care to discern within your columns which system of belief carries a ring of equality for all and integrity.
If we can agree upon belief system and system of belief as arbitrary-but-useful to-me terms, we should also welcome to the fold terms such as model, paradigm, and world view.

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