system of morals

See: ethics
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Although there is a benefit to this, as parts of this book will appeal to any reader regardless of their system of morals, it detracts from the overall success of the book's argument.
It is said that loyalty is an essential ingredient in any civilized and humane system of morals.
In theory, South Africa is a country in which the Christian religion predominates and with it the Judaeo-Christian system of morals and ethics.
Shermer provides a look at his system of morals and ethics that eschews the simplistic either/or dichotomy, which seems particularly prevalent today.
To reconstruct Smith's system of morals, I will identify what constitutes for him (1) specific moral motivation and (2) valid moral justification, always taking into account these two different levels of morality.
Benjamin Franklin believed the system of morals that Jesus presented was the "best the world ever saw or is likely to see.
Durkheim (1957) viewed professional ethics as being differentiated from other branches of ethics, because the system of morals that constitutes the ethics of a given profession is always the affair of a group and can operate only if this group protects them by its authority.
The normative appeal of his theory is lost if in fact we are not possessed of a coherent system of morals which can be infused into a legal pedigree test.

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