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In [6], a method for extraction of the Pareto front was proposed by altering the shapes of the desirability functions in a systematical manner.
It is also important to emphasize that in writing the Risale-i Nur collection, Nursi's purpose was not to compose a systematical work which would deal with subjects on a theoretical level.
The President stated that the entire country was eagerly anticipating results while crises can be overcome with systematical and consistent actions.
What we are developing is a new foundation, a new instrument - a telescope - that will allow one to look deep into the brain, offering a more systematical approach to any disease," Professor Henry Markram told the Sunday Times.
He argues that the technique and the technology can be supported under three specific orientations: the "cognitive approach" (Quintanilla, 2001) which, according to the author, embraces three constitutive distinctions: the first refers to the empirical techniques, that is, the knowledge grounded exclusively on practical experiences, of pre-technological character, and without systematical application of scientific knowledge.
Mungiu--whose 2007 Palme d'Or-winning drama "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days" was widely hailed by critics and raised an outcry when it was left out of Oscar's foreign-language race--uses the religious sect at the film's center to explore not only the fundamentalist strictures of religion, but a country that has lost its moral sense "because of poverty, lack of systematical education and indoctrination," through its repressive communist history, he says.
There are also concepts concerning the audit which show, especially, the motivational role of it, derived from the fact, in this case, the systematical research would cause a continuous 'discipline" and proficiency for the appointed responsible.
They follow systematical planned procedure for the quick and efficient completion of work in an appropriate time.
6 KN, the systematical efficiency increases from 33.
Since high-tech weapon plays an important role in the modern warfare, the systematical integration characteristic becomes more and more significant in various weapon platforms and systems.
Another benefit from the CoE approach is that it will continue to drive the Big Data and overall information architecture maturity in a more structured and systematical way.
The management of competitiveness requires the logical reconciliation between the systematical approach to the study of competitiveness and managing economic mechanism of regional competitiveness.

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