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PK) is the only Chinese financial institution named as 'a globally systematically important financial institution' by global regulators.
This outrageous equation might not be surprising in media outlets like England's BBC and The Guardian, which systematically delegitimate Israel and blacken its name.
In each case, the program faculty had systematically identified appropriate learning goals and had collected information about whether those learning goals were being achieved.
The damage to the central plants and to the extensive distribution and collection systems for the respective drinking-water and sewage systems are being systematically repaired but will take many more months for completion.
Commission on Human Rights, said Nepalese police and army admit that ''torture was acceptable in some instances, and was indeed systematically practiced in order to extract confessions and to obtain intelligence.
Although we know who the killer is almost from the beginning, that takes nothing away from the anticipation and dread as he systematically sets out to cleanse his little piece of Florida of every street person he can.
The inclusion of triple and quadruple stop scales and arpeggios with suggested bowings, systematically and effectively trains the hand for numerous repertoire passages.
In 2002, we reported that VA did not systematically assess the consistency of decision making for any specific impairments included in veterans' disability claims.
In the lawsuit, Random Lengths alleged that LowGrade was regularly and systematically redistributing Random Lengths' copyrighted reports from one company location to other LowGrade locations without payment or authorization by Random Lengths.
Mayo has been systematically keeping patient records and using them in treatment since 1907.
A calendar featuring nude photographs of a group of women in Horsley, Gloucestershire, was launched in a village church last month to mark the 10th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda Thousands of women survivors were systematically and brutally raped, and many are now dying of AIDS as a result.

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