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Friends without benefits: How states systematically shortchange teachers and threaten their retirement security.
Her father, Dr Christopher Mulvey, told the inquest in St Pancras, Central London: "She had been systematically bullied by her bosses at Channel 4."
China is planning to improve its supervision of systematically important banks and enhance cooperation with international financial regulations, according to the chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC).
HSE inspector Gareth Langston said: "Land Rover had systematically failed to assess and manage the risk arising from using the tools.''
A police spokesman said it was believed persons systematically killed the prize birds.
Briskly and systematically, consultant Leebov gives mid-level health care administrators, department heads and clinical leaders ways to improve patient satisfaction and solve work force problems.
Hamas is a movement that has systematically denied the right of Jews to exist in their own state in the land of Israel, that denies any historic ties between Jews and the land, that propagates the rawest and crudest kind of anti-Semitism, including the Koranic statement that Jews "are apes and monkeys," a movement that systematically practices terror and that rewards Israel's disengagement and evacuation of Gaza with continuous and unrelenting rocket fire.
The setting for this historical fiction is during the reign of Henry VIII, when his government is systematically destroying monasteries throughout England and taking their land and possessions for the royal treasury.
The Globe argues persuasively that Bush's orders have "systematically eliminated or weakened rules designed to enforce the separation of church and state," citing government documents and interviews with aid recipients.
As captains systematically disobeyed official policy and used their employer's ships to carry out deals of their own, they independently explored exotic regions, made contacts, built networks, and established "complex trade structures well beyond those envisioned" by the royally chartered monopoly's directorate.
The importance of systematically and continuously assessing student learning in higher education has been widely discussed.
The Amsterdam facility, like all Redemtech TCM Centers, is equipped with Retrac, the company's Web-based business process automation system that systematically executes client business rules for asset processing, critical risk mitigation services, such as data destruction, and compliance reporting.

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