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Training of professionals for the systematization and analysis of data regarding notification/communication of sexual violence against this group
The objectives of the Institute are to cultivate the science of law, to promote advanced studies and research in law so as to meet the social, economic and other needs of the Indian people, to promote systematization of law, to encourage and conduct investigations in legal and allied fields, to improve legal education, to impart instructions in law, and to publish studies, books, periodicals, etc.
The two parties will discuss development of bilateral cooperation, systematization of the common interests of the two countries
The methodology requires a systematization which supports a procedure for sustainable development and which will guide the industrialization of a new therapy in life sciences.
Figure 1 Share of agriculture in Moldova's Gross Domestic Product composition Ponderea agriculturii in PIB, % 2000 25,4 2001 22,4 2002 21,2 2003 18,3 2004 17,6 2005 16,4 2006 15,1 2007 9,9 2008 8,8 2009 8,5 Source: Author systematization using data of National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova Note: Table made from line graph.
At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a systematization has been enforced that obviously needs to undergo revision, as the issue of manning is typical to all embassies.
Formal ontology is concerned with the systematization and elaboration of computerized representations and associated reasoning techniques and is increasingly finding application across a broad range of disciplines, including artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, bioinformatics, geographic information systems, information retrieval, and the Semantic Web.
Add a fourth wheel, microfranchising, to apply the systematization and branding at the core of the most successful business system ever devised.
Rivane Neuenschwander's first midcareer survey features more than forty works, many of which are premised on looping, noncomposition, systematization, and temporal delay.
The Code has a gradual systematization of the elements in terms of difficulty, in groups, for each apparatus separately.
acknowledges that systematic theology, as a discipline and enterprise, is often under attack, charged by the claim that "highly elaborate systematization inhibits catholicity and demonstrates the wrong sort of confidence in theological systematization" (14).