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Both systematizers and banks will need logistic and economic resources in order to apply and audit the new capital arrangement.
Euclid can best be seen as a talented collector and systematizer of all then-existing mathematical knowledge.
But as Elizabeth Tebeaux (1997) has argued, Bacon was less an innovator than a systematizer, providing a theoretical rationale for stylistic procedures already visible in practical works of the Renaissance.
The first modern systematizer of federal politics was Johannes Althusius (1557-1638), whose work is for Elazar the purest expression of Low Countries covenantalism.
Both Wesley and John Fletcher, the major theological systematizer of the Methodist movement in England after Wesley, took care to stress that the perfection being taught was the perfection of the capacity to love, not of knowledge or physical condition.
As early as 1678 Robert Barclay, the first systematizer of Quaker thought, wrote An epistle of love and friendly advice to the `ambassadors of the several princes of Europe, met at Nimeguen to consult the peace of Christendom', urging them `to give up their evil ways'.
17) If enypostaton means just "subsisting" and does not carry the metaphysical implications proposed by Loofs, then Leontius can be seen as a creative systematizer of Chalcedon, rather than a radical innovator or neologist.
In claiming that emotions are beliefs, Chrysippus, the main systematizer of Stoic theory, can be seen as accentuating the belief-based conception of emotions which is implied in other Greek theories, possibly including Plato's.
I adopt their second definition--the systematizer of a subfield in the image of his own thought.
He was dearly a provocative systematizer and he may well have been one of the first social science historians.
Arnold Schoenberg is generally considered to have been the first composer of atonal music and the prime systematizer of its methods.
However, he assumed the role of theologian not as a systematizer of a body of thought about God manifested in Jesus Christ.

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